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Sweet Crepes: all topped with powdered sugar&whipped cream

______Fresh Fruit Delight:  {Bananas; Blueberries; Strawberries; Pears} $7.95

 ____ Banana Nutella $6.95 ____Strawberry Nutella $6.95 ____ 

_____Banana & Strawberry Nutella $7.95

_____Lemon Sugar Crepe $5.95 ____ Cannoli Crepe $7.50 

Waffles:all topped with powdered sugar ;whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce}

____Belgian Waffle: (Bananas;Strawberries; Pears) $7.95

_____ Belgian Waffle: {Strawberries & Banana and 2 scopes of gelato} $8.95

_____ Belgian Cannoli Waffle: {Banana; Stawberries; Pears} $8.95

Savory Crepes

_____Breakfast Crepe: {2 eggs;bacon; mushrooms; shredded Asiago cheese; peppers; 8 year old balsamic} $8.95

_____ Peppers Palooza's Hot Pepper Dip crepe, spices & cream cheese topped with 8 year old balsamic Heat scale 0-10,ten being the hottest, these are 6-7  $8.95

_____Chicken Salad Crepe:{finely sliced cucumbers and baby cherry tomatoes and finely chopped spinach} $8.95

_____ Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: {slices of cucumber and cherry tomato and 8 year old balsamic}  $8.95

Beverage:  Orange Juice______;Small Water_____; Large water_____; Coffee S / L______

Tea____; Cappichino S/L____;Latte S/L_____;Iced Tea_____; Pellegrino Water______





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